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Hacker / Full Spectrum Technologist

A good scientist is a person with original ideas. A good engineer is a person who makes a design that works with as few original ideas as possible. There are no prima donnas in engineering. Freeman Dyson

Everything I do these days seems to straddle the boundary between the new and the old. I'm currently living and working in beautiful downtown Vancouver. My real work experience is just like the below... only better with more cool technologies, a variety of nutty co-workers, lessons in code, love and life... and crammed with cowboys and sizzling gypsies. And a small Operetta too but I don't talk about that unless there is a lot of beer involved, sorry.

Collected Identity

In case the large title at the top wasn't a tip-off, my name is Patrick Audley, sometimes called paudley. Most my online bits are current aggregated on this . I can most easily be reached via email @

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Current Fascinations

  • Picking up Ruby and enjoying it despire my preconceptions
  • Getting in touch with my deeper pirate nature, Yarrr!
  • Getting deeper into the bowels of AWS EC2
  • Attempting to understand Calabri-Yau manifolds and hypercomplex numbers

Past Projects and Code Articles

These are some of the bits of code I've worked on. I'm currently adding to this section and distilling new samples as well as aggregating old projects in one place. So if it looks spartan, use google to find my stuff.

Curriculum Vitae

I seek team working environments and dynamic companies with interesting or evolving jobs.  I am a veteran of several very successful startups and greatly enjoy the challenge of taking risks and forging a new business.  I'm interested in anything that matches my skill set, but I lean towards careers that mesh my business skills with my technical expertise.  I'm very interested in growing my skills and am a continuous learner and teacher.  I consider a casual work environment and smart coworkers to be serious perks.  Above all, I cherish difficult problems and new challenges.

Please note that I am currently in the Greater Vancouver area and actively seeking positions with interesting startups and socially positive ventures as well as longer term options with more traditional companies.

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About Me

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Career Paths

I'm a veteran of many successful start-ups. While I was in charge of all technical operations at Axion Internet, they experienced a six-fold growth in customers over fourteen months, becoming Vancouver's second largest Internet provider. At Group Telecom (now 360 Networks), I was part of a 13 person start-up which created a telephone company in Canada's deregulated local phone market, becoming the largest competitive local access provider in Canada in two years. I'm also very familiar with high-level security and have run a highly successful national audit for a major Canadian telecommunications company that covered the full spectrum of security including digital, physical and social areas. I designed and project-managed the construction of one of the only facilities certified under Washington State's digital signature legislation. Through years of providing technical evaluations for the Vancouver finance community, I have developed a very large breadth of technical knowledge covering everything from wireless to high tech food manufacturing. Seeking a change of fields, I accepted a position as High Performance Computing Manager at one of the world's top ten biological research labs at the University of Dundee in Scotland where I designed and project-managed the deployment of all of the University's high performance computing infrastructure.

Over the last decade I've been involved in several pioneering identity and biometrics ventures while following my passionate belief that privacy and security need not be a zero-sum game. I'm fascinated by the boundary between computers and humans - my recent forays into crowd sourcing have only sharpened my desire to explore game theory and it's related impact on how we use the net. My time at Cambrian House taught me that most of our motivations for online interactions are subtle beasts that we don't often consciously consider.

Intellectual Pursuits

I have a voracious appetite for new knowledge. Physics, genetics, and information theory are pet areas of mine. I'm especially interested in convergence and the meta-patterns that emerge repeatedly across different swathes of science. I pride myself on being able to talk about anything from gardening to stellar mechanics to world politics.