Blackcat Informatics Inc.


Blackcat Informatics Inc. provides high end IT and management consulting services to the Vancouver startup community. We have over 20 years of solid startup experience in management as well as domain expertise covering high performance and cloud computing, military-grade security, carrier-grade networking, bioinformatics, cryptology and a variety of other niche fields.


  • CTO at large: high level management and guidance, executive oversight and execution.
  • Development Alignment: helping to bring developement shops in closer alignment with the rest of the company (et vice versa), agile process tuning, development HR help.
  • Solution Architecture: finding elegant solutions to complex technical problems, applying sparse resources effeciently and future proofing technology strategies.
  • Startup Process and Execution: managing a path through the wilds of the startup and early stage funding world with less pain and more success.


Blackcat Informatics Inc.
High-end computing, executive management and bookeeping services for startups and evolving companies.
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